Business VoIP Buyers Guide |

How to Choose a Business VoIP Phone System

Compare Business VoIP Services

This guide will help you determine the Business VoIP phone system that best meets your business needs. Follow these five simple steps to make sure you've thoroughly researched Business VoIP phone systems before you make a buying decision:

1. Analyze Your Business VoIP System Needs

Evaluate how many phone minutes you use per month and how many phone lines you need. Business VoIP phone systems are priced according to phone lines and generally provide unlimited calling, so evaluate your size and usage before you buy. Also, refer to our Market Standard for price and features of a Business VoIP phone system.

2. Compare Business VoIP Systems

Use our Business VoIP comparison chart to see side-by-side comparisons of Business VoIP phone systems on price per line, included minutes, basic IP phone cost and other key features. To see more details about a phone system, click on the vendor's name and read a full review with a chart of expanded features.

3. Read Business VoIP Reviews

Read our Business VoIP reviews to fully understand how Business VoIP systems bill minutes and phone lines. While some services provide unlimited calling for both local and toll-free phone numbers, other services charge a premium for toll-free usage. We list the provision of toll-free numbers and provided minutes in our reviews.  If you are still unsure about how to choose a Business VoIP system, there are many resources on this website that should give you a more complete picture of everything Business VoiP systems have to offer.

4. Sign Up for a Business VoIP System or Free Trial

Take advantage of the free trials certain Business VoIP systems offer. Free trials are great tools for new users to check out all of the features of a selected phone system without wasting money or making any commitments. In lieu of a free trial, certain services offer a 30-day money back guarentee. Once you've found a phone system that you like, sign up for a monthly contract.

5. Test Your Business VoIP Service

After you've signed up for a service, test your phone system. Be sure to check call quality, as well as your auto attendant and call fowarding fuctions. Log into your online account and familiarize yourself with your account interface. Also, call customer service with any questions you may have and make sure they are responsive. If a specific system does not meet your needs, you can always sign up with a different service.